Pinata Amsterdam

Pinatas have unlimited uses, they are great for kid’s birthday parties, bachelor parties, baby showers, etc. People think that pinatas are only for kids, but that is a mistake, pinatas can bring fun to adults too. For instance,  you can propose to your girlfriend/boyfriend with a pinata, you can use it at your wedding, or at your Friday’s office borrel, etc. Pinatas are the new MUST at any celebration moment.  Our pinatas are 100% customized to your theme and made with recycled materials.


  • Basic Pinata: €90.00 filled with candies and toys (for 10 kids)
  • Customized Pinata€110.00 filled with candies and toys (for 10 kids). This is the starting price depending on the design. 
  • DIY pinata box: €25.00 (including all you need to make your personalized pinata at home)

Our prices Include 21% VAT.

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