Sinterklaas celebration, corona style!

Do you already have special plans for Sinterklaas?sinterklaas-2020

This year is a little different and more complicated than others. Therefore, we want to help you out!

Nia party along with Amsterdam Tales want to propose something to you.

If you live in Amsterdam, a fun group of Pieten and Petras can pass by and bring you gifts and pepernoten, it’s really easy!

  • Step 1: Choose the gift you want
  • Step 2: Choose the time and we will knock on your door! We have some options to deliver gifts:
    • Do you live on the ground floor? We will surprise you by knocking on the window.
    • Do you live in a flat? We ring the bell, greet your kids from the window or corridor, and send you the gift through the elevator.
    • Do you live in a flat and there is no elevator? Throw us a rope as in the old days and you can lift it with your little ones! This option can be chosen also if you live in another type of house.

It’s totally up to you the way you receive the gifts!

  • Step 3: Complete de payment including the gift´s name and your address.
  • Step 4: Watch the video along with your kids and see you on December the 5th!

Note: Due to the Covid-19 situation, there won’t be direct contact with the children or any other family member.

Let’s keep the magic of sinterklaas alive during corona time!