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Kids party: 5 tips for a great birthday

Kids party 

Your kids birthday is getting closer again, and you want him/her to know how special they are. Therefore, you intend to throw a party to celebrate this important date, friends and family might like to join too. Independently, if you are a new parent or you already have experience with previous birthdays you might’ve wanted to make it different this year. But how do you start? What decoration do you need? Which activities are the best? This post gives you 5 tips to plan that special day of the year.

kids partyWhen you organize a fiesta, for kids, adults or business, details and preparation are important. This photo on the side is of my third birthday party, I keep that day as a great memory in my heart. Anyway, there are a couple of things that could have gone even better if my parents would have followed these tips. Which are so simple but will definitely make a difference in your kids party results. Take paper and pen, here we start.

1.      Date (because of weather)

kidsparty-datePlanning the date of your kid’s party is really a top priority. We live in The Netherlands, where weather is unpredictable, and most of our plans move around sunny or rainy days. Consequently, I suggest you check the forecast of the day you want to have your gathering and organize it on the sunniest possible day. Why is this important? Because location and activities at your kid’s party depend entirely on the date (weather).

As an example, your kid’s birthday during summer day. Therefore, you expect it to be warm and sunny, thus you plan the party at a park. What a great idea! You are so creative that you also hired face painting to treat you little guests. Unfortunately, you did not check the weather app for that day, and it turned out to be cold and rainy. As a result your guests might not come, and the face paint will fall over because of the rain.

2.      Location (indoors/outdoors)

Shapes with balloons Amsterdam

Location will define your kids party. With your weather research, now you know that your celebration should be outside or inside. Choosing to host the party at home, at the park or at a specific location is up to you and your pocket. You can have it great at any of these places. Most important, think about your guests’ ages.

For instance, if you are having the celebration at home or at a park, it allows you to be in control of details and budget. Besides that, you can show your creativity by adding a pinata or theme decoration. However, remember to check for obstacles or objects that can be of danger.

On the other hand, if it is going to be at a specific cafe, ask about the facilities and activities they offer for children. In Amsterdam there are plenty of great indoor and outdoor locations to host a kid’s party.

3.      Activities

Facepainting summer AmsterdamThe extra touch at your kids party are the games you plan for them. Usually, we invite children to play together and have some cake, but you can go beyond that and add extra fun. Hiring someone to entertain children like a clown, kids tour guide or a magician can be of great help.

Anyways, you can also be in charge of that fantastic party. For instance, while hosting a party at home, DIY activities are loved by children. This might include cooking your child’s favourite dish or decorate a present for the birthday boy or girl.

Other types of activities you can have during your kid’s party are: face painting, pinata, or glitter tattoo. Besides that, games that involve balloons are the best and will make them go crazy (in a good way).

4.      Theme

kinderfeeisjes kids party
Party deals

Choosing for a theme party will be the coolest decision, even if it is a simple one. Nowadays thematic kids’ parties are very trendy, why not try it? Many people think that throwing a theme party is expensive and exhausting, which is not true. You can plan that theme party with truly little preparation and not many materials.

For instance, think about what fruit, colour, or cartoon your child likes and go with it in as many details as possible. 

  • Decorate the entrance and the party room with the main colour of your theme
  • Make/get a costume or t-shirt of the theme
  • Customize your pinata and goody bags
  • Find snacks with the colours you need
  • Make sure your guests know the theme as well

5.      Inviting guests

party pinata amsterdam

Party with no people = no party. People make the party. Together with your kid make a guests’ list and send invitations. On top of that asking for confirmation is important. Most parents in Amsterdam have an agenda with different activities for their children. Make sure to send the invitations 2 weeks in advance otherwise you won’t have guests at your kid’s party. In addition, this information is important because you provide snacks and drinks, you need to know quantities.


Planning your kid’s party is wonderful, you only need a bit of preparation to make that day special. My tips talk about: Date, location, activities, theme, and guests. Follow these suggestions to go flawless and enjoy together with your guests. However, if you need extra help you can always call me and together we create that crazy party that your kid deserves.

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