Thematic party

Planning a thematic party

Creating a thematic party can be either stressful or fun, at nia party it is always the second. When you organize a thematic party, you need to know what your guests love and go with it in every detail: decoration, costumes, colors, pinata, goody bags, snacks, well in most of it. Above all of that, your guests need to follow the theme, so make sure they know it and like it too.

Last weekend Nia party went to Den Haag to celebrate the birthday of two sweet girls, it was a bit cold but with all the activities of the “party deal” we managed to have fun. The theme this time was “Minions”. Therefore, their pinata, balloon decoration, and activities were focused on that topic. Most of their friends from school were there, and 20 children enjoyed every service we brought. Most of them got two glitter tattoos, and more than two shapes with balloons. When the time for facepainting came I expected to be asked for all the minion’s designs, but surprisingly it was not the case. Most of the girls were into “jungle theme”, asking, for example, cheetahs, tigers, and lions. So, I am wondering if they all knew about the thematic party.

Making sure your thematic party is a success

A thematic party differs from a normal party in the details. When you are planning a normal party, specifics do not play a role, you can just go with whatever you have. On the other hand, a thematic party is based on details like the main topic, colors, clothes, flavors, music, etc. The two most important parts when planning a theme party are:

1 The organizer.

This is you, (or better Nia party) the person who knows everything about the theme and has control over all details. The planner chooses the playlist, the kind of snacks the colors for the balloon decoration, and the right position for everything.

2 The guests.

A party without guests is not a party. Therefore, to have a successful thematic party you need to make sure your guests know it is a thematic party and you need to get them in the mood of it. Otherwise, they will not appear.

How to make sure they follow the theme? My recommendation is, since you are planning it all thematically, send an old fashion card including the topic and suggesting an idea for them to feel included and to cooperate. After that, find pictures, or music related to the theme and share them on social media tagging your guests, this will excite them and motivate them to go.

Going back to the party in Den Haag, the activities we had with the children were exciting. Kids were cooperative and competitive, they wanted to get the prize no matter what. Therefore, the games you prepare for your theme party must involve everyone. Focus on the details, like your guests’ age, and check what your guests have in common to increase the success of your party.

Finally, I would definitely suggest doing the pinata outdoors to prevent any accidents. Security for our guests is important too. Although pinatas are about danger and excitement, keeping our little guests safe is priority.

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