How to organize a fun online event? 9 tips to beat the screen barriers in 2022

The online setting is here to stay. We know that working hybrid is the new normal and that more family gatherings are online. Therefore, we brought you these 9 tips to organize events online with your family, friends, or colleagues. Check them out and apply them as soon as possible to beat the lockdown.

  1. Hybrid or fully online? Are you planning to have a couple of friends over and a couple online? Well, I would re-think this if your goal is to include everybody. If you opt for hybrid, remember that live attendees will interact more with each other, whereas the online attendees will feel left behind. To prevent anyone from being left behind, I recommend you organize a fully online event.
  2. Having an agenda will always work. It will help you to keep track of time, manage different activities, and more. Depending on the event, you can choose to share the agenda with your friends/colleagues or not. I recommend keeping it for yourself if it is an informal event. However, if it is a more formal gathering always share the agenda with the participants. It will help everyone to organize better.  
  3. Make a (creative) online invitation. There are so many tools to make creative graphical content. Use them to get the attention of your friends, colleagues, or family. I use Canva for such things. It is an easy online tool that has different templates, allowing you to change colors and text. However, if you are familiar with other platforms, better use them. Remember to relate the text and decoration on your invitation with the actual event.
  4. Small details. It is important you all feel connected even when you are in different places. Here I recommend you prepare a bag with a snack, or a personalized t-shirt to wear during the event. Of course, this requires a bit more preparation and time from the organizer but will pay off. You will see how people feel more engaged and take the event more seriously.
  5. Select wisely your platform. If you are having an online event with colleagues, it is easier to use the same platform you use fat work. But if you are organizing an event with family or friends, I suggest you ask them which platform they feel more comfortable with. The reason is that not everyone is familiar with the same platform. And an online event must be inclusive above all. For example, when calling with my family WhatsApp is our favorite tool. However, when celebrating my niece’s first birthday we switched to zoom, that was a big mistake. Older people needed extra support to enjoy the celebration and created a bit of anxiety. So, again, be wise and think about your participants.
  6. Preparations. Once you have decided which platform to use, you are ready to give it a shape. If you are going to use questions, have them ready. If you are going to share videos, photos, or any other content, prepare a folder on your computer with everything you need to share on your screen and name it according to an order of appearance. Additionally, if several people have to speak/present, ask them to send you links or documents in advance. In this way, if something goes wrong with their screen you will solve it from your PC.
  7. Time. It is recommended that for every 45-60 min in front of the computer people have 10-15 min. breaks. In case you are planning an activity that takes longer than this time, remember to have a “break” in between. 
  8. Activities. There are several games/activities you can play online. Check this link to my favorite ones. Or transfer what you would normally do in a live setting to the online one. Being yourself while being creative is always a good option.
  9. Music. Share a playlist with the people you will have the online event with and ask them to star it at the same time. The good thing is that you will all have the same music background and maybe some comments will come from the songs creating a sense of togetherness.

To finish, creating an online event may sound like a lot of work. But believe me, it can be a world of new experiences for you and your friends. Try it once. Or if you want some help setting it up contact us, we are happy to help you in the online setting.

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