Baby shower: 5 tips you should not miss

Baby shower

When we organise a baby shower there are some things we should definitely do and take care of. Read this post, let us know what other tips you suggest and of course share it.

The arrival of that special new member of the family is approaching and we want to celebrate it. Therefore, we throw a baby shower party. You decide between something small and simple (with your close family and friends), or big and fancy.

Doing everything by yourself can save you some money and helping the bounding with your sister or mother, involving your family in law is a great idea too. I am sure they will be happy to help you out. You can check the options we have for “baby shower”, which could help you with ideas for a baby shower at home. On the other hand, if you have decided to throw a big party, you will not regret it, this celebration is as special as your wedding was. Let Nia party help you make it unique with Belly art, balloon decoration, games, etc.


  1. Add important details to your invitations. For instance, specify if it is a “only women” party and if you are planning activities for kids. In that way, your guests know if they can bring their partners or children.
  2. Have vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free snacks available. Even if you know all your guests there might be someone who recently moved to a new diet. That is why it is better to be ready. Check my post about healthy snacks to get some inspiration about food for your party
  3. Music. Have your favorite playlist ready. I recommend having background music to give a more vivid ambiance. Check the Spotify playlist “niaparty–baby shower”, it has relaxed as well as energetic songs using the word baby.
  4. Infusions of water are a super option for your baby shower. Since you are not drinking alcohol, and maybe some of your guests either, including infusion water is a great idea.
  5. Decoration. When decorating your baby shower, try to use neutral colors if you have not shared the gender of the new member of the family yet. Another option is to combine this celebration with a “Gender revelation activity”, in that case, I recommend using baby blue and baby pink for the decoration.


To summarize, planning a baby shower is the sweetest thing before the arrival of the little one. But it can also be a hectic party to organise Therefore, asking others for help is a great decision, plus is a super bonding plan. Besides the 5 tips above check tendencies about colours and games you can have during your celebration and check our deals for baby showers. Remember, this is all about you and the miracle growing inside you.

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