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Kids party: 5 tips for a great birthday

Kids party 

Your kids birthday is getting closer again, and you want him/her to know how special they are. Therefore, you intend to throw a party to celebrate this important date, friends and family might like to join too. Independently, if you are a new parent or you already have experience with previous birthdays you might’ve wanted to make it different this year. But how do you start? What decoration do you need? Which activities are the best? This post gives you 5 tips to plan that special day of the year.

kids partyWhen you organize a fiesta, for kids, adults or business, details and preparation are important. This photo on the side is of my third birthday party, I keep that day as a great memory in my heart. Anyway, there are a couple of things that could have gone even better if my parents would have followed these tips. Which are so simple but will definitely make a difference in your kids party results. Take paper and pen, here we start.

1.      Date (because of weather)

kidsparty-datePlanning the date of your kid’s party is really a top priority. We live in The Netherlands, where weather is unpredictable, and most of our plans move around sunny or rainy days. Consequently, I suggest you check the forecast of the day you want to have your gathering and organize it on the sunniest possible day. Why is this important? Because location and activities at your kid’s party depend entirely on the date (weather).

As an example, your kid’s birthday during summer day. Therefore, you expect it to be warm and sunny, thus you plan the party at a park. What a great idea! You are so creative that you also hired face painting to treat you little guests. Unfortunately, you did not check the weather app for that day, and it turned out to be cold and rainy. As a result your guests might not come, and the face paint will fall over because of the rain.

2.      Location (indoors/outdoors)

Shapes with balloons Amsterdam

Location will define your kids party. With your weather research, now you know that your celebration should be outside or inside. Choosing to host the party at home, at the park or at a specific location is up to you and your pocket. You can have it great at any of these places. Most important, think about your guests’ ages.

For instance, if you are having the celebration at home or at a park, it allows you to be in control of details and budget. Besides that, you can show your creativity by adding a pinata or theme decoration. However, remember to check for obstacles or objects that can be of danger.

On the other hand, if it is going to be at a specific cafe, ask about the facilities and activities they offer for children. In Amsterdam there are plenty of great indoor and outdoor locations to host a kid’s party.

3.      Activities

Facepainting summer AmsterdamThe extra touch at your kids party are the games you plan for them. Usually, we invite children to play together and have some cake, but you can go beyond that and add extra fun. Hiring someone to entertain children like a clown, kids tour guide or a magician can be of great help.

Anyways, you can also be in charge of that fantastic party. For instance, while hosting a party at home, DIY activities are loved by children. This might include cooking your child’s favourite dish or decorate a present for the birthday boy or girl.

Other types of activities you can have during your kid’s party are: face painting, pinata, or glitter tattoo. Besides that, games that involve balloons are the best and will make them go crazy (in a good way).

4.      Theme

kinderfeeisjes kids party
Party deals

Choosing for a theme party will be the coolest decision, even if it is a simple one. Nowadays thematic kids’ parties are very trendy, why not try it? Many people think that throwing a theme party is expensive and exhausting, which is not true. You can plan that theme party with truly little preparation and not many materials.

For instance, think about what fruit, colour, or cartoon your child likes and go with it in as many details as possible. 

  • Decorate the entrance and the party room with the main colour of your theme
  • Make/get a costume or t-shirt of the theme
  • Customize your pinata and goody bags
  • Find snacks with the colours you need
  • Make sure your guests know the theme as well

5.      Inviting guests

party pinata amsterdam

Party with no people = no party. People make the party. Together with your kid make a guests’ list and send invitations. On top of that asking for confirmation is important. Most parents in Amsterdam have an agenda with different activities for their children. Make sure to send the invitations 2 weeks in advance otherwise you won’t have guests at your kid’s party. In addition, this information is important because you provide snacks and drinks, you need to know quantities.


Planning your kid’s party is wonderful, you only need a bit of preparation to make that day special. My tips talk about: Date, location, activities, theme, and guests. Follow these suggestions to go flawless and enjoy together with your guests. However, if you need extra help you can always call me and together we create that crazy party that your kid deserves.

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How to organize a fun online event? 9 tips to beat the screen barriers in 2022

The online setting is here to stay. We know that working hybrid is the new normal and that more family gatherings are online. Therefore, we brought you these 9 tips to organize events online with your family, friends, or colleagues. Check them out and apply them as soon as possible to beat the lockdown.

  1. Hybrid or fully online? Are you planning to have a couple of friends over and a couple online? Well, I would re-think this if your goal is to include everybody. If you opt for hybrid, remember that live attendees will interact more with each other, whereas the online attendees will feel left behind. To prevent anyone from being left behind, I recommend you organize a fully online event.
  2. Having an agenda will always work. It will help you to keep track of time, manage different activities, and more. Depending on the event, you can choose to share the agenda with your friends/colleagues or not. I recommend keeping it for yourself if it is an informal event. However, if it is a more formal gathering always share the agenda with the participants. It will help everyone to organize better.  
  3. Make a (creative) online invitation. There are so many tools to make creative graphical content. Use them to get the attention of your friends, colleagues, or family. I use Canva for such things. It is an easy online tool that has different templates, allowing you to change colors and text. However, if you are familiar with other platforms, better use them. Remember to relate the text and decoration on your invitation with the actual event.
  4. Small details. It is important you all feel connected even when you are in different places. Here I recommend you prepare a bag with a snack, or a personalized t-shirt to wear during the event. Of course, this requires a bit more preparation and time from the organizer but will pay off. You will see how people feel more engaged and take the event more seriously.
  5. Select wisely your platform. If you are having an online event with colleagues, it is easier to use the same platform you use fat work. But if you are organizing an event with family or friends, I suggest you ask them which platform they feel more comfortable with. The reason is that not everyone is familiar with the same platform. And an online event must be inclusive above all. For example, when calling with my family WhatsApp is our favorite tool. However, when celebrating my niece’s first birthday we switched to zoom, that was a big mistake. Older people needed extra support to enjoy the celebration and created a bit of anxiety. So, again, be wise and think about your participants.
  6. Preparations. Once you have decided which platform to use, you are ready to give it a shape. If you are going to use questions, have them ready. If you are going to share videos, photos, or any other content, prepare a folder on your computer with everything you need to share on your screen and name it according to an order of appearance. Additionally, if several people have to speak/present, ask them to send you links or documents in advance. In this way, if something goes wrong with their screen you will solve it from your PC.
  7. Time. It is recommended that for every 45-60 min in front of the computer people have 10-15 min. breaks. In case you are planning an activity that takes longer than this time, remember to have a “break” in between. 
  8. Activities. There are several games/activities you can play online. Check this link to my favorite ones. Or transfer what you would normally do in a live setting to the online one. Being yourself while being creative is always a good option.
  9. Music. Share a playlist with the people you will have the online event with and ask them to star it at the same time. The good thing is that you will all have the same music background and maybe some comments will come from the songs creating a sense of togetherness.

To finish, creating an online event may sound like a lot of work. But believe me, it can be a world of new experiences for you and your friends. Try it once. Or if you want some help setting it up contact us, we are happy to help you in the online setting.

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Seven team building ideas for great team leaders in 2022

Achieving the company’s goals in 2022 will not happen if your team is not motivated. Therefore, organizing team-building activities that connect and engage colleagues is a great idea. Another important reason for planning bonding activities is that the more personal connection between colleagues, the more employee satisfaction you will have in your company. And, we know that if we are part of a fun team, it is more likely we want to spend more time with them (at work). In other words, the closer you are to your colleagues, the more you want to be and stay at work. Moreover, the more bonding activities a company organizes, the longer they keep their people, and the more they outperform.

Why team building is important?

But what type of building activity is right for your team? You can organize two types of bonding activities. On one side, group activities with a learning and development focus. The importance of these activities lies in training new skills in a group. However, it focuses on performance, and competitiveness will stay in the air. The second type of team-building activity focuses on relaxation and connection. Their goal is to connect while getting to know their colleagues better. Therefore, with these activities, your team will build stronger and deeper connections between them. Both types of team-building activities are totally fine, it all depends on your goal. If your team has been working together for a long period, focusing on improvements and skills may be more accurate. However, if you have new members in the team. Or, if you want to get to know them better find relaxation activities to build the team.

So, in this post, I will share seven ideas for a team-building day. I will focus on relaxation and connection. Moreover, if you have gone hybrid, I will leave tips for the online setting. Let’s start.

Team building activities

7 team building activities

  1. Sporting. Besides being a healthy activity, it can help you discover qualities you did not see before in your colleagues. For instance, you will see who is mentally stronger to finish the 100 push-ups. Or, who does not stop till running the 10k? But also, some other qualities like who waits for their colleagues instead of going alone (team player). Ask your colleagues which is their favorite team sport then, write them down. Organize once a week or month a sporting day using their ideas. It will ensure you have a different best at each sport.
  2. Pinata party. Are you celebrating a special day at the office, or is it your team member’s birthday? Order a pinata or make one together with the team. Fill it with sweets, funny toys, and positive messages. Bring your colleagues to an open-air area to prevent accidents, and blindfold them to smash the pinata and release stress (if some). Pinatas are the new kickboxing!
  1. To the office with a costume: Pick a theme that represents your team. It can be wild if you are in sales or something softer if communication is a key skill in your team. Invite your colleagues to come dressed up to the office and let them describe why they chose that costume. Do not forget to take pictures. TIP: Hire a face painter artist to bring the activity to the next level.
  1. The teams’ wall. Have a sacred wall or frame at the office where everyone can share inspirational messages for each other. For instance, those polaroid pictures you took last Friday at the office with a costume day can go directly to the teams’ wall. Tip: find motivational phrases that describe what you and your team do. Remember that positive words have power.
  2. Cooking workshop. Did you know that cooking helps release stress and forget about bad news? Well, bring your team together to a cooking lesson. If possible, ask the chef in charge to assign different meals components to each person. In that way, the final dish will represent everyones’ work. I am sure it will be delicious. Online tip: Send the ingredients in a box to your colleagues and have the cooking workshop online. If possible, ask them to bring some to the office the next day to see how they differ in looking and taste.
  3. Volunteering. There is always something good we can do for our community, and as a team is a great bonding activity. Amsterdam is full of options it can be helping at an elderly house or cleaning the garden of a lady. Helping others always gives a good feeling and, if you do it together with someone else it will build a strong connection. You can invite your colleagues with their families for this activity. If there are more than 5 kids joining, check out a kids corner service to keep the little ones entertrain while colleagues connect.
  4. Scape room. This activity puts your team members’ skills together to escape the situation. Check out for some discounts on the tickets. Find here a list of the best escape rooms in Amsterdam. Make this a family activity, and invite children and spouses to escape the room.


To create a great working place, having a positive atmosphere is important. A good working atmosphere depends on how colleagues treat each other and how close and connected they feel. That is the reason why bonding activities play an important role from a leader’s perspective. Remember you want your team to feel comfortable with others because in a secure environment they will give and receive feedback better. Additionally, they will work harder because they want to be part of this amazing team.

So, these were my 7 tips for your team-bonding activities in Amsterdam. I hope you enjoyed reading it and you will try them out in the coming year. To finish, I wish you an amazing 2022 accomplishing all your personal and professional goals. And in case you want some help organizing an office event, don’t hesitate to contact Nia party.

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How to make a pinata

Making a pinata is amazingly simple. However, if it is your first time, it may be overwhelming. In this post, I will explain to you step by step how to build the nicest pinata you have ever dreamed of. You only need to be patient, have an eye for detail, and have good taste. The post of today covers: (1) Materials you need to make a pinata and (2) make a pinata “Step by step.” So, let’s start! 

Materials to make a pinata

  • One 18 inch balloon (any color)
  • Four (4) tablespoons of flour
  • Salt (half teaspoon)
  • Two cups of water
  • White glue 100 ml
  • Old newspapers
  • Kite paper (color depends on the model you want to do)
  • Scissors
  • Rope
  • Tape (strong)
  • White paint
  • Brushes (big 5cm, small 1cm)
  • Hot glue gun

How to make a pinata step by step

First, make your paper Mache mixture. It is easy, and it will take approximately 5 minutes. Start by dissolving four tablespoons of flour in one cup of cold water. Then, place one cup of boiling water in a pan on medium heat. Immediately, add the flour water to the boiling water and mix non-stop for 3 minutes. After mixing, add the salt. When the mixture gets thick, it means your paper mache is ready. Finally, turn the pan off and let it cool down.

Second, make your design. I will describe how to make a simple round pinata, but the options are infinite. Check our gallery for inspiration. You can put many balloons together with tape or add legs, arms, and tails with cartoons. Just follow your imagination.

Step by step your dream pinata

Blow your balloon as big as you want it to be and add a rope in the knot. It will help you to hang it while drying.

Cut 5×5 cm pieces out of old newspapers. Remember, the bigger the pieces, the less time it will take to cover the pinata.

Put the pieces of paper in the mache mixture and stick them all around the balloon. Let it dry completely before repeating. If you don’t do it the pinata will stink. Repeat the layering at least four times to get a solid shape. 

When the shape is solid, break the balloon with a needle and take it out of the pinata.

Make two small holes with a needle and pass the rope through them. Remember that your pinata will be hanging from this rope. Thus, use extra tape around the holes to make them strong.

Make the candy hole on one side of the pinata. It will be where you will introduce the candies and toys at the end.

Paint the pinata white. You can avoid this step if you don’t have paint or if, you don’t have much time. However, it will make a big difference by giving a neutral tone to the pinata.

Cut the kite paper into long pieces of around 3×60 cm (see pic) and glue them around the pinata. Be creative with color combinations and always start from bottom to top.

If you are making a pinata that includes small details (i.e., eyes, nose), add them now with hot glue.

Fill the pinata with candies, toys, and gifts.

BringTake your pinata to a party and have fun smashing it into pieces!


  1. I hope this post has encouraged you to make your first pinata. Sometimes it can be tricky to prepare materials when you are with kids around. Therefore I suggest you purchase our pinata box. It will include all the materials you need to make a pinata at home. Save time cutting papers and details. We include it all for you and your kid to make a fantastic pinata at home.
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Everything about pinatas

We know pinatas are great for kids parties and all kinds of celebrations, but where are they really coming from and what is their real meaning? This post of today will take you right through all relevant and curious information. At the end you will be a pinata specialist and who knows you might make your first crazy pinata. Here we start.

Pinatas can be themed like this minion pinata
Minion pinata Amsterdam

Pinatas are culture, fun and always a synonym of happiness with colours, candies, and toys inside. In addition to all of that, they can be used in many different types of parties and are definitely not only for children. Plus, all the fun you get when having a pinata is not comparable to anything else.

The post of today covers:

  • What is a pinata?
  • History
  • When to use it
  • How to fill it
  • Ways of breaking it
  • The weirdest pinata I’ve made.

What is a pinata? Pinata for a horror themed party

Basically, pinatas are mache paper art made in different shapes. They are used to celebrate something, anything. You fill it and hang it to let people take turns to break it later on.

The pinatas in Mexico are made from mud and decorated with coloured papers. However, the mache paper technique makes it easier to adapt it to any shape.

History of pinatas

When we think about pinatas we associate it directly with Mexico, their culture and colours.  And Mexico definitely brought this concept to the next level. However, pinatas originally come from China. Chinese used to make them to celebrate the Chinese New Year. They made big pinatas in shapes of cows and filled them with seeds. At the end of the New Years day they burnt them and kept the ashes for themselves.

Later, Marco Polo took some pinatas with him on his way back from China to Europe and showed them around in Italy and Spain. After that, pinatas we brought all the way to America in the colonizer’s ships.

Pinatas arrived in Mexico and were used to teach faith by the Spanish. Since then, Mexicans have used them in their religious celebrations. A curious fact about them is that the original pinatas have 7 peaks or cones. Each peak represents a capital sin. Therefore, you need to break the pinata blind folded because you need to show your blind faith.

When to use a pinata

Usually we use pinatas at kids birthday parties. But I believe they are ideal for every occasion! Because you bring so much fun and togetherness that it is all worth it. Some surprisingly occasions where you can use a pinata are:

  • Team building events

    Pinatas bring smiles during parties
    Pinata Amsterdam
  • Bachelor party
  • Bachelorette party
  • Baby showers
  • Adult birthday party
  • Workshops for kids
  • Office party
  • Engagement party
  • Kids birthday at home
  • Kids birthday at school
  • Kingsday (in the Netherlands)

How to fill it

The most important thing when filling a pinata is imagination. Besides that, everything is allowed inside it! For instance, you can use just toys, or make it healthy by addings (small) fruits or make it appropriate for an adult version.

I personally love to use confetti for filling, but some people might not appreciate that, so better check on your public before using that colourful (annoying) confetti.

In addition, other interesting fillings for kids are:

  • Raisins
  • Little tangerines
  • Whistles
  • Peanuts
  • Stickers
  • Headbands
  • Kids jewelry
  • Crackets

Ideas to fill an adult pinata:

  • Postcards
  • Chewing gums
  • Small plastic liquor bottle
  • Eatable cigarettes
  • Penalty dices
  • Jewelry

Ways of breaking a pinata

We arrive at the most conflictive, but fun part of a pinata: How to break it! Some parents find pinatas violent and dangerous. But, in my view that depends on your approach at the moment of breaking it.

There are 3 ways of breaking them and I suggest each of them depending on the public age.

Adults and big children (plus 8y/o)

It is important to hang your pinata outside to prevent accidents. After that, use a scarf to blind the person who is in turn and give him/her a stick. Before letting this person go for it, give him/her 3 turns around herself and 3 chances to hit it. Move the pinata up and down while they try to hit it, just to make it extra challenging.

Children from 4-8

With children of this age it’s better to leave their eyes free to see where to hit, you can either move or leave the pinata static. After 3 chances the next kid will take the turn.

Babies and kids till 4

Small kids love pinatas, you only need to make it kids proof. Therefore, glue pieces of rope under it and give one to every kid, sit them all together around the pinata and when you say now, they need to pull it off. All the filling will come under it and the kids will take what falls on the floor.

The craziest pinata I have ever made.

A crazy pinata, like this marihuana pinataI love customizing pinatas for the reason that I have the chance to put my creative ideas into it and work with structures and colours. In addition, when I get a new order I get excited and full of energy, this really brings me fulfilment. In the past years I have been making pinatas mostly for kids parties, themes like monsters, sports and minions were some of the topics I covered.

Last year I got a call from a customer that changed my perspective of pinatas and its uses. He asked for a very crazy pinata. He and his friends were coming to Amsterdam to celebrate a bachelor party, of course they wanted a pinata, in the shape of a marihuana leaf.

I must admit this was the craziest and more challenging pinata I had made so far. I had to create a 3D leaf of marihuana, keep it straight and stable enough to survive a bachelor party. I loved it and since then I do believe pinatas can be used for any occasion.

Do you want to know How to make a pinata? read our post here.


Pinatas are loved by everyone, use them to bring colours and laughs to your celebration. There is a pinata for every occasion and you can make it yourself. Still if you prefer to enjoy a very customized and special pinata you can always call me.

Check our prices and themes.

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Summer party snacks

Healthy summer snacks

During summer, the ambience in Amsterdam changes completely. Besides staying awake till late, kids and adults like some snacks to enjoy the sunset. Unfortunately, not all snacks are healthy, but fortunate we can make it healthy ourselves. In an earlier post I talked about “Healthy snacks for a kid’s party”. Besides making snacks for your party, you can make them for your daily diet. I am going to explain how easy it is to make Guacamole. This dish, on top of being a delicious dip for our snacks, goes well together with your salads and sandwiches. Give it a try!



  • Ripe Avocados (2 small or 1 big)
  • Half red onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 tomato
  • Half paprika (any colour)
  • Salt-pepper-paprika powder-chili powder

Step by step

This recipe is the easiest and infallible at your party. There are 2 ways of making it.

  1. Put all the ingredients together and use the mixer, add species and it’s ready. (BORING)
  2. Smash the avocados with a fork. Then cut everything by hand, mix it in a bowl, add species and ready. (BEST)

I really believe that by cutting the ingredients you get more taste. But if your children are not fans of a specific ingredient, then I suggest you use the mixer.

As I said before, guacamole has many uses. Besides being a healthy summer snack, this Mexican recipe is full of taste, vitamins and it might be the chance for your kids to try new vegetables. As a parent you like to eat delicious but low carbs, then this recipe is for you.

To summarize, summer is the opportunity to eat late and enjoy together with our loved ones. If you are one of the lucky ones who has a birthday party during summer, I recommend using this healthy summer snack recipe to surprise your guests. You might like the other ideas for a healthy snack.

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Healthy school Snacks

9 school snacks for a kid’s party.

Having your kid’s party at school is a great idea, you know all his/her friends will be there, plus, the lovely teacher’s can help you out. You only need to bring some snacks. Keep reading because I am giving you 9 school snacks that are simple, delicious and healthy for your kid’s party.

List of the easiest school snacks

carrot cake, cupcakes, snacks, party snacksThrowing a party with healthy snacks at school might sound difficult, but we love our kids that much that we can make the impossible possible. Some of the items in the list are buyable, for the others you need to invest a bit of time. Therefore I included some links in between of easy recipes. 
  1. Raisins in small boxes
  2. Pannenkoek (crepe) – homemade
  3. Full fibre crackers bags – no suggar
  4. Cherry tomatoes in half
  5. Frozen fruits in popsicle shape
  6. Popcorn on paper cones
  7. Home made chips (oven)
  8. Hummus (homemade)
  9. Guacamole (homemade)
Extra tip: Besides bringing healthy snacks you can also take a pinata and goody bags to the party. Your kid and the other children will love this surprise. Fill the pinata with fruits like: strawberries, blueberries, mini bananas, tangerines and toys. Keep in mind the age of your children when adding toys to the pinata.

Getting the ingredients

We can get most of the things on the list at the supermarket. However, I get my fruits and vegetables at the market, normally they are better and cheaper there. In addition, when getting processed products remember going for the organic and no plastic options. Above all my previous suggestions there are a couple of things in the list that you need to make yourself like the Frozen fruits’ popsicles, homemade chips, hummus and guacamole. The base for these recipes is fresh vegetables. I left a link to the best and easiest ways to prepare them. You will rock with these school snacks.
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Baby shower: 5 tips you should not miss

Baby shower

When we organise a baby shower there are some things we should definitely do and take care of. Read this post, let us know what other tips you suggest and of course share it.

belly art, bellypaint, baby shower

The arrival of that special new member of the family is approaching and we want to celebrate it. Therefore, we throw a baby shower party. You decide between something small and simple (with your close family and friends), or big and fancy.

Doing everything by yourself can save you some money and helping the bounding with your sister or mother, involving family in law is a great idea too. I am sure they will be happy to help you out. If you go for that option check “baby shower box“, which contains most of the things you need when organizing a baby shower at home. On the other hand, if you have decided to throw a big party, you will not regret it, this celebration is as special as your wedding was. However, some extra help would be needed contact NIAparty and make it unique. (Belly art, balloon decoration, games, etc).


1-     Add important details in your invitations. For instance, specify if it is a “only women” party and if you are planning activities for kids. In that way your guests know if they can bring their partners or children.

2-     Have vegetarian/vegan/gluten free snacks available. Even if you know all your guests there might be someone who recently moved to a new diet. That is why it is better to be ready. Check my post about healthy snacks to get some inspiration about food for your party

3-     Music. Have your favourite playlist ready. I recommend having background music to give a more vivid ambiance. Check the Spotify playlist “niaparty–baby shower”, it has relaxed as well as energetic songs using the word baby.

4-     Infusions of water are a super option for your baby shower. Since you are not drinking alcohol, and maybe some of your guests either, including infusion water is a great idea.

5-     Decoration. When decorating your baby shower, try to use neutral colours if you have not shared the gender of the new member of the family yet. Another option is to combinethis celebration with a “Gender revelation activity”, in that case I recommend using baby blue and baby pink for the decoration.


To summarize, planning a baby shower is the sweetest thing before the arrival of the little one. Anyway, it can be a hectic activity. Therefore, asking others for help is a great decision, plus is a super bonding plan. Besides the 5 tips above check tendencies about colours and games you can have during your celebration, like the baby shower box. Remember, this is all about you and the miracle growing inside you.

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Activities for kid’s at “fairs” and “open day’s” in Amsterdam

Children at a “fair” or an “open day” in Amsterdam

Balloon decoration in AmsterdamNIAparty organizes activities for children while you host your fair or open day. Companies organize these events to explain their services or products. In addition to booming your brand, you can also show interest in your customers’ loved ones. Having a special area for children will help you to get all the attention of your clients. Call us, we will happily help you with that.

An example of our work: Amstellanddag

Kids party amsterdam

Amstelland is the green lung of Amsterdam. Therefore, Beschermersamstelland, the protective foundation of Amstelland, organizes every year an open day. Above having an outstanding view of the countryside, local business’s owners show and sell their products. NIAparty brought different activities like: Facepainting, glitter tattoos and balloons for all the young visitors.

These activities are great during a fair or open day because children can spend a lot of time entertaining themselves. In addition, children will try to do the shapes with balloons and glitter tattoos to each other, which will help them to  boost their creativity


NIAparty is your ally when hosting events. We have a long list of activities for children, according to their age and what they like.  Therefore, while we take care of the kid’s, parents have the chance to fully enjoy the fair or open day.

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Thematic party

Planning a thematic party

Creating a thematic party can be either stressful or fun, for NIAparty its always the second. When you organize a thematic party, you need to know what your guest love, and go with it in every detail: decoration, costumes, colours, pinata, goody bags, snacks, well in most of it. Above all of that, your guests need to follow the theme, so make sure they know it and like it too.

tiger facepainting, amsterdam facepainting

Last weekend NIAparty went to Den Haag to celebrating the birthday of two sweet girls, it was a bit cold but thanks to the “party deal” we managed to have fun. The thematic this time was “Minions”. Therefore, their pinata, balloon decoration and activities were focus on that topic. Most of their friends from school were there, 20 children enjoyed every service we brought. Most of them got two glitter tattoos, and more than two shapes with balloons. When the time of facepainting came I expected to be asked for all the minions shapes, but surprisingly it was not the case. Most of the girls were into “jungle theme”, asking for: cheetah, tiger, and lions. So, I am wondering if they all knew about the thematic party.

Making sure your thematic party is a success

A thematic party differs of a normal party on the details. When you are planning a normal party, specifics do not play a role, you can just go with whatever you have. In the other hand a thematic party is based on details like the main topic, colours, clothes, flavours, music etc. The two most important parts when planning a theme party are:

1 The organizer.

This is you, (or better NIAparty) the person who knows everything about the theme and has control over all details. Who chooses the playlist, the kind of snacks the colours for the balloon decoration and the right position of everything.

2 The guests.

A party without guests is not a party. Therefore, to have a successful thematic party you need to make sure your guests know it is a thematic party and you need to get them in the mood of it. Otherwise they will not appear.

How to make sure they follow the thematic? My recommendation is, since you are planning it all thematic, send an old fashion card including the topic and suggesting an idea for them to feel included and to cooperate. After that, find pictures, or music related to the theme and share them on social media tagging your guests, this will excite them and motivate them to go.

minion pinata kidspartyGoing back to the party in Den Haag, the activities we had with the children were exciting. Kids were cooperative and competitive, they wanted to get the prize not matter what. Therefore, the games you prepare for your theme party most involve everyone or a big majority. Focus on the details, guests’ age and taste more the activities and your guests have in common higher the success of your party.

Finally, I would definitely suggest to do the pinata outside to prevent any accident. Security for our guests is important too. Although, pinatas are about danger and excitement, right? A bit of this and that is part of a fun party.